Choosing Luxuries When Designing a Custom Home

When we hear the phrase custom luxury homes, many images come to mind: Lush land, a grand staircase, shimmering pools and picturesque patios, elegant accents, marble floors, and a long list of other essential luxuries. Long before you step foot in your dream home for the first time, it is crucial to properly plan the interior & exterior designs, accents, accessories and more.

Let’s consider a few of the more important things to consider, during the planning phases of building a custom or luxury home in NY.

Choosing the Right Landscape Design

Your dream home will look oddly bare if there’s nothing in your yard. Of course, this is never the case, but waiting too long to plan a proper landscaping design is more common than you might imagine. By working with an experienced luxury home builder, you’ll have the expertise of professionals in making the most of your space, contacting designers, and more.

Luxurious Floors and Ceilings

Building a custom home allows you to get really creative with your walls, ceilings and accents. If this is your first custom home build, it’s important to hire a versatile & skilled builder who has contacts with local flooring specialists and contractors. They can help you in selecting a style that reflects your success, hard work and personality.

Planning a Proper Garage & Driveway

Many people who build luxury homes get so caught up in the house itself, that they forget about the driveway. Regardless of whether you’re considering a gated entrance, a long winding driveway, or even a six-car garage, working with a skilled builder will ensure that all possible options have been presented for your consideration.

Interior Design Elements

Considering the vast scope of interior design options, this is one area where it will benefit to work with a builder who specializes exclusively in custom luxury homes. Here at Piccirillo Signature Homes, for example, we are constantly working with interior decorators and designers, to fine-tune our clients’ homes. Over two decades, we’ve learned which style meets the needs of which client, and this saves everyone time and money during design.

If you’re considering building your luxury dream home, but remain unsure where to start, Piccirillo Signature homes can help. Call us today for a free consultation at 585-737-8918.

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