Green Home Building


Building Green To Build Smart

We understand how important it is that your new palace be perfect in every way. For many Rochester residents, perfection would not be complete without an energy-efficient upgrades and environmentally-friendly practices in place. We at Piccirillo consider
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Bulid Your Luxury Home in the center of the action

pageTN00948 If you're ready to build your luxury dream home, but concerned about finding the perfect balance remote living and thriving industry, Rochester is as diverse as they come.

Home to International Corporations

Despite having some of the best land and property for building luxury homes, t
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Why Choose a True Artisan Luxury Bulider

The word "artisan" gets used far too often these days, generally in shameless attempts to seem innovative. Anyone who knows the real definition of the word, however, understands that anyone who dabbles in mass-market anything, simply doesn’t qualify as an artisan. Custom home builders face this
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Choosing Luxuries When Designing a Custom Home

When we hear the phrase custom luxury homes, many images come to mind: Lush land, a grand staircase, shimmering pools and picturesque patios, elegant accents, marble floors, and a long list of other essential luxuries. Long before you step foot in your dream home for the first time, it is crucial t
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Buliding Custom Luxury Homes in Victor NY

victor-ny-home-map So you're thinking of finally building your custom dream home… and if you're considering Victor NY, then it's clear you've made a wonderful choice. Victor continues to be one of the most desirable places to build a luxury home or country estate, and is home to a generous array or parks, recreatio
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Scheduling a Consultation for Luxury Home Design in Rochester

pageTN00939 For years you've been dreaming about the day when you'd be able to build the home of your dreams. You've worked relentlessly, had ongoing success, and made wise decisions with your money. Now, the time has come. You've crunched the numbers, looked at more pictures than you care to recall, and are
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