Why Choose a True Artisan Luxury Bulider

The word “artisan” gets used far too often these days, generally in shameless attempts to seem innovative. Anyone who knows the real definition of the word, however, understands that anyone who dabbles in mass-market anything, simply doesn’t qualify as an artisan.

Custom home builders face this on a day-to-day basis. For example, we at Piccirillo Signature Homes can say with complete certainty, that we build homes in true artisan fashion. We don’t build hundreds of homes each year; we build a handful, and put all of our energy into those homes. Many larger builders like to present themselves as small, independent and highly-interpersonal; once the contract is signed, the strict-corporate soul within eventually surfaces.

So why work with a smaller custom home builder? We think the reasons are many, but here are a few of the most significant in our opinion.

Unparalleled Personal Service

When you choose to have a large corporation build your dream home, you’re inadvertently committing yourself to their large corporate customer service. We all know how fun it is being put on hold, not knowing which department to call, and the dreaded overseas outsourced helpline. We won’t even get started on voice-activated service reps.

When you work with a local & independent luxury home builder, you can expect nothing less than neighborly service, an eager willingness to help, and a personal cell phone number. Good luck getting that from the big boys.

The Best Local Connections

When your home builder is legally-obligated to use specific suppliers and contractors, that means you are too. This can drastically limit the options available to you when choosing the fine details for your dream home.

Hiring a local builder gives you access to scores of local suppliers, labor, materials, and specialized contractors. Best of all, keeping things within a small and tight-knit circle of local experts, can expedite the building process while saving you money.

Less Overhead for Better Rates

Hiring a big name builder inevitably means paying for their advertising, large staff, and lavish facilities. When you work with a smaller or more localized custom homebuilder, the overhead is considerably less. This allows you to invest more in your dream house, and less on the non-tangibles associated with larger builders.

We understand that building a luxury home is complicated and thoroughly-involved. If you’re looking for an independent builder with vast experience and an immense local reach, Piccirillo Signature Homes is here to assist. We’ve been building gorgeous luxury homes in the Western and Upstate NY area for over two decades, and are dedicated to providing exceptional services.

Call us today to speak directly with the owner, regarding your plans for the home you’ve worked a lifetime to build.

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